Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month: Macaela

Posted on May 11, 2014

Well hello everyone! May is an especially special month for me a some of my friends because it is CF Awareness Month! In honor of  CF patients around the world, I had some CF patients I know write their story for me. This  specific post will be about my friend Macaela. She is from California and lives in North Carolina. I wish her luck in everything she does, and wish that all of you can share her story with the people you care about. ...

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My Parents & Guilt

Sometimes I get this thought that I can't shake. I feel like the people who actually have CF have it easy. Yeah, CF sucks but I mean, I was born with it. I have had it my whole life, and it's not something I've had to get used to. It's just what I have known forever. What I am saying is, my parents lived their whole lives as normal people. They got up, got dressed, went to work, came home, ate, went to bed. They had a routine. Then one day ...

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Dedication: John Teufel

CF patients aren’t really supposed to be around each other because we can give each other bugs that cause infections, so I haven’t really been allowed to meet many other CF patients. In my hospital all of the CF patients stay in the same section of the hospital. Advances in social media make it pretty easy to become friends with other patients when they are admitted at the same time. Naturally we make friends with each other because the ...

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