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Unusual Stress?

So the peat couple of months have been very stressful, but especially theses past two weeks. It's supposed to be the happiest thing to ever happen to me (transplant), but I can't help feeling not happy. I feel guilty, and saddened for the donor who died and gave me their lungs. Not only did my whole life change from dying to nearly normal, but also to legal adult all ...

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Hospital Chronicles: 6

So this has got to be the most eventful HC ever. As you all know I got transplanted AND I turned 18. So I won't really go into detail about that too much. Here's the situation. POST OP DAY1: Sedated, get breathing tube out DAY2: Sedated, two chest tubes out DAY3: Coming off of sedation, standing, eating...becoming a person again DAY4: Catheter out, ...

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My 18th Birthday!

So a couple of days before my birthday, when I was still under the impression that I was going home in two days, my best friend and I were debating what to do for my birthday, like maybe go to the club, but then I would get tired fast. So we suggested going to the casino, but it was all smokey in there and all you did was lose your money. We weren't about to go to a ...

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So... it's been a while. Saturday morning (March 8th, 2014, day 39 on the list) I got a canvas from the hospital, and some paints. I painted a bunch of different hearts, all different sizes, colors and shapes. Some of them I colored in and some of them I didn't. None of them were colored the same as the outline and some of them overlapped. It was kind of early in the ...

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Weight Gain

I've always been very skinny and underweight. It's been a huge struggle for me to gain weight and keep it on. My average weight for about two years has been around 83 pounds. When I get admitted I am usually around 78 pounds, which mind you, is extremely low. Most of the time when I am in the hospital I gain a couple of pounds and I get to about 85 pounds. When I go ...

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Hospital Chronicles: 5

Nothing really has changed since my last HC. I have had a couple of new visitors and met some new people. I also got my first bits of mail! My main doctor had finally come to talk to us and give us her thoughts on our plan of action. For now we are slowly backing off of treatment and monitoring me, to see if I can go home. We will reevaluate in a week after we have ...

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