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Thoughts Before Transplant

What exactly is the concept of being sick? Is being ill the same as having an illness? Why? Why anything? Why is there anything? Why is there life, love, hate, death? What’s the point? Why can’t it just end? These are all questions that I asked myself when I was preparing myself for what was a grueling workout for myself pre-transplant. For example, getting from ...

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All my life I have wanted to do something that means something. I always have had this thought in the back of my mind that I will be gone off of this Earth a little too early for my taste. But I guess that’s the same with anyone. I have always wanted to be remembered after I die, not just as Liz, but the girl Liz who did something wonderful and amazing that ...

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I’m back!

Well hello everyone, I know I haven't put anything out there in a while, but I am back. I'm sorry guys, I have been so busy now that I am finally home! Yep, that's right, I'm not at RMH anymore! :) Okay, so first of all I have a job now! I am a secretary in a yoga studio, inputing data and client information into a database. I also just graduated high school and am ...

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