I’m back!

Posted on June 24, 2014

Well hello everyone, I know I haven’t put anything out there in a while, but I am back. I’m sorry guys, I have been so busy now that I am finally home! Yep, that’s right, I’m not at RMH anymore! 🙂
Okay, so first of all I have a job now! I am a secretary in a yoga studio, inputing data and client information into a database. I also just graduated high school and am trying to figure out what to do with my life. As of now, I have no freakin’ clue. So far all I have planned is I am going to city college for two years starting this August, and will be taking English 125 (advanced freshman english), Psychology, Illustrator, and Basic Drawing.

Also, I don’t now fi you guys know this or not, but I taught myself how to read when I was five. I picked up a National Geographic and told my parents I was going to read it. Of course, I didn’t, not then at least. I tried, but then I moved onto a kid book and figured it out pretty quickly. When I first came to this family I would say words like “sophisticated”, “aneurysm”, and other things similar, and a couple weeks after being here my mom taught me to spell things like “love”, “dog”, “cat”, and similar words. So anyway, the point is I haven’t been much of a reader since unless it’s a really good book! Lately, though, I have been reading like three books at once. It’s pretty crazy. I’m reading The Fault in our Stars, and Go Ask Alice and all of a sudden I’m thinking to myself Wait, when did her drug dealer leave the Cancer support group? only later to realize that I am mashing the two books together in my mind.

Another thing, I love music. I have always loved music, just as I have always was comedy! I was watching a new late night comedy show, The Pete Holmes show, and saw Schoolboy Q on their. I loved it. Now I am really into both of them. I got into Pete Holmes from watching an interview with Bo Burnham, who was my most recently ended obsession (still love him though). Anyway, there is a cycle for everything, and a new way to discover everything. Sometimes people love their new discoveries, and sometimes people hate them. If you love this new discovery (my website, I mean) then go tell everyone you know. Tweet it, Facebook it, Vine it…

Speaking of which, since when did the nouns Facebook and Vine become verbs…? If you couldn’t already tell, I am in a pretty random mood today.

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