Hospital Chronicles: 4

Posted on February 20, 2014

Boy have I been busy! What with all the meetings with reporters and newscasters, my life is shifting into fast drive. I knew, or at least I had hoped, that one day maybe this whole blog thing would take off and make an impact, but this is happening a lot faster than anticipated. Not saying that’s a bad thing; it’s a good thing actually. All of my doctors and all of the hospital staff has been so supportive and encouraging! I really couldn’t have asked for a better medical team. I know this is a new place, and that no one ever wants to be in the hospital, but I think everything is going pretty well for me.

So let’s see… what has gone on since HC3? Well, my aunt came on Saturday. Technically my aunt, uncle and little cousin al came, but my aunt was the only one who came in. My aunt usually gives me a pedicure when she comes to see me! I am very lucky that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She painted my toes silver and hot pink with polka dots. I let her do what ever cool designs she wants after I pick out the colors. I decided that this time I was going to her toes too, so I painted them red with little Mickey Mouses on the big toe (they love Disneyland). My dad, aunt and I kind of just hung out for the rest of the day.

The next day somebody from KMPH FOX contacted me and wanted to do an interview ASAP. I was so excited and agreed. Originally, they wanted to come and interview me in person, but they didn’t realize that I was in the hospital. We had to come up with some kind of alternative so we tried everything from Facebook video chat to FaceTime. In the end the FaceTime is what we used. They filmed their computer screen while I talked into my webcam. It aired that night and my whole family watched with pride. The very next day I got an email that said I had to reply as soon as possible because someone from the Palo Alto Daily Post wanted to interview me right away. Before she came I got some visitors. My best friend Jimmy and his mother came to surprise me along with the company of my school nurse. He is the best friend ever! Who drives three hours with their mom and her best friend just to see a friend in the hospital? He does, that’s who.

While he was here visiting my dad went to lunch with his mom and my school nurse. A little ways into our visit the massage therapist came in. Normally I wouldn’t have agreed to get one while I had company but I was in a lot of pain. Towards the end of my massage (which wasn’t really helping, might I add) I got four more visitors. Some of my dad’s cousins who live in Florida, and happened to be in Cali had decided to come visit. Apparently they have been following my blog also, so I had a lot of questions to answer. They were really fun people. Eventually, my dad and the gang came back, and the amount of people in my room was crazy. It was like one big party, so I asked to take a group photo for the blog.

Big group of visitors!

Big group of visitors!

Shortly after my guests had left, a woman showed up for the candid interview. The next day I was in the morning news paper and the hospital media crew saw that, so they decided to get in touch with me also.ย They talked to me about my goals for the blog and asked if they could tell other news stations and media outlets and of course, I said yes! Yesterday KPIX CBS Bay Area interviewed me. It was the whole shebang: lights, a huge camera, a crew, makeup… everything! I felt like a movie star.

I did my PFT’s today, and the numbers were all out of whack. They didn’t match up with how I felt and the RT kept making me retry and retry, and it just wasn’t right. Then they made me do a surprise 6 minute walk, and it was terrible. Worse one I have ever had. My oxygen dropped to 77 as I was walking, my length walked had dramatically decreased, and my heart rate was insane.



My main doctor just got back from vacation, so we will see what she has to say. For the moment I will be staying here until transplant, which could take FOREVER so I am trying to decorate and make everything a little more home-y. Right when I was about to start decorating my room I got a message from my nurse saying to back all of my bags because I am moving rooms. That is the fifth room this hospital stay… I better not move again.

3 Replies to "Hospital Chronicles: 4"

  • Jack
    February 21, 2014 (8:19 pm)

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Great to read your blog. You can probably tell what I do by my email address and website. I am not soliciting business from anybody here. There are some wonderful garden pictures on the website if you want a little outside in your hospital room. Enjoy. My Mom was a nurse for 40 years in hospitals. She worked primarily in O.R., E.R., and I.C.U.. After she retired and toward the end of her life, I asked her what the most important thing she had learned working in hospitals. She said . . . “when you walk into someones hospital room, hold their foot for a moment or two and ask them how they are feeling”. This is what she knew was the best healing there is. I hope your caregivers can learn this, because you certainly deserve that loving attention. My best to you and yours in this trying time. Jack

  • Terry
    February 21, 2014 (10:07 pm)

    Getting your nails done, having the media come in, getting your massage…sounds like you’re a little rock star. You have a lot of people that care for you Liz, that is a very special thing indeed. It’s great to see that you are in good spirits. Hang tough and forge ahead. Let’s hope for some good PFT numbers. Peace out and have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sara Hohman
    February 23, 2014 (9:32 am)

    Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚ I just saw you on Good Day Sacramento and had to tell you that you are amazing and a hero to many including myself. keep strong sweetheart and keep doing what you’re doing! I hope and pray that you get your transplant asap and can go on to live a long happy life.
    Xo Sara Hohman