Hospital Chronicles: 5

Posted on March 2, 2014

Nothing really has changed since my last HC. I have had a couple of new visitors and met some new people. I also got my first bits of mail! My main doctor had finally come to talk to us and give us her thoughts on our plan of action. For now we are slowly backing off of treatment and monitoring me, to see if I can go home. We will reevaluate in a week after we have taken away one of my treatments, and weened off of IV antibiotics and onto orals. If I can remain stable like this I might be able to go home before my birthday, which is in 13 days. We still aren’t really sure of what’s going to happen.

I had a nurse who had treated my like I was either dumb, or a five year old. I took my pills, she WATCHED me swallow them and then said “Okay, open your mouth, lemme see.” I said “are you being serious right now!?” I was offended. Luckily, since then I haven’t really had any problems with nurses or RTs, which is pretty good and I’m content. I had mentioned in my last HC that this was my 5th room during this hospital stay. Well, they wanted to move me again today, and I said no. Especially since now, my room is all decorated. I have a blue, pink, purple and orange polka dotted comforter and pillow cases. One of the RTs got me a sock monkey pillow case and my dad bought me a nice and comfy pillow. I also hung a ton of pictures on my door in the shape of a heart!

My wall decor!Heart of picsOn the left is a picture that shows my heart of pictures and my closet that I put three pictures of Demi Lovato and one of Eva Markvoort. Tho it’s not in the picture, I later added “My Biggest Inspirations” above them. On the right is a closer look at the heart.

Making that heart look like a heart that wasn’t too pointy or lopsided was very hard to do with these square pictures. The heart is filled with pictures of my friends, family, dogs and pretty nature pics like a sunset and a beach. My grandma helped me out with the layout.

Yesterday my best friend came to visit me! I was so happy. (Pic on Twitter) I haven’t seen her in like two months. It’s crazy. Her mom came too. After they showed up Claire and I did a broadcast and I introduced her to all of my internet friends. Then my RT came in and it was treatment time. 🙁 So I suited up and started shaking. My dad came a little while later and brought me my first ever mail from my PO box! I filmed my “unboxing” or basically me opening them, and I will put it on YouTube once I edit it. I got a nice card from a man named Donald from North Carolina, and an awesome pink extendable back scratcher from a John and Laurie in Vancouver. It was pretty awesome and thoughtful!

A couple of people told me that I should make an Amazon Wish List for my birthday that is coming up, so I decided I would. I put a couple of little things on there like phone cases and necklaces. A couple of days ago my RT came in and told me that there was a patient here that was reading my blog. I said that her mom could come in here and talk to me (I would have talked to her herself, but we are not allowed to interact with each other in person) if she wanted. She came in and she had said “So I was looking at your wish list…” and I was like “I literally just made that like two minutes ago. How did you see it already?” She also told me a lot about her daughter, and how she met Miley Cyrus and a bunch of other Disney stars. She even gave me this super adorable bracelet she made that has a pendant that says “Breathe” with a ribbon for the A. We added each other on Twitter and now we are “connected” lol. I also had a nurse come in and tell me that another patient had been reading my blog and found out I was basically his neighbor and wanted to know if I could iMessage with him. Of course I said yes.


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  • Rachel
    February 20, 2016 (10:33 pm)

    Laura Bentley Hi, My 10 year old daughter is ealhnrlted with soul surfer and has become a huge of Bethany and her faith. We have had the opportunity to discuss faith in action and choices that we make.Is there any way to buy a POSTER from the dvd .THE HEART OF A SOUL SURFER???? She has torn down the disney pop star pics on her wall (thank goodness)and wants posters of Bethany!!!! God bless you all richly. Many thx ..Laura and Kayla

    April 2, 2016 (12:50 pm)

    Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.

    April 28, 2016 (5:54 pm)

    Hicks. I will be thinking of you and praying for you today and I’m sure I can speak for all Z-dumplings, we all send you love and good thoughts today.

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