Hospital Chronicles: 6

Posted on March 18, 2014

So this has got to be the most eventful HC ever. As you all know I got transplanted AND I turned 18. So I won’t really go into detail about that too much. Here’s the situation.


DAY1: Sedated, get breathing tube out

DAY2: Sedated, two chest tubes out

DAY3: Coming off of sedation, standing, eating…becoming a person again

DAY4: Catheter out, dancing, got my hair brushed and braided, eating normal food, they take the continuous IV pain medicine away, and leave me with meds only when I push the button and a scheduled dose of orals. That night, I have to pee super badly, so I get up, all tangled in the sheets, and I fall flat onto my chest. I am so lucky that my stitches didn’t come undone, or my chest tube come out. We did an x-ray and I was fine. It wasn’t even a big deal fall, except that it was right on my chest.

From then on things went pretty well. I still had one chest tube in so I was still in agreement with the pain doctors to have the PCA pump until it was out. There was so much drama caused in the next couple of days, that I won’t talk about yet, that it basically was torture so I said get rid of the pump I would rather take no pain meds then deal with this, and they said no we’ll give you meds but the pump goes. Pissed me off. I will talk about this part of my stay later. Like in a month or so.

Slowly tubes have been coming out of certain areas. So now I have no chest tubes, a double lumin PICC line which they put in about three days ago under anesthesia. I also have my port accessed, and that’s really it. No crazy neck lines anymore, no more chest tubes… just me and my IVs.


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  • Kristen
    March 27, 2014 (4:59 am)

    Wow it sounds like you are doing really well so far! I know it is hard but listen to the docs, they know what they are talking about…most anyway. Hang in there and we are praying for your continued recovery!!!

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