My 18th Birthday!

Posted on March 15, 2014

So a couple of days before my birthday, when I was still under the impression that I was going home in two days, my best friend and I were debating what to do for my birthday, like maybe go to the club, but then I would get tired fast. So we suggested going to the casino, but it was all smokey in there and all you did was lose your money. We weren’t about to go to a strip club, and neither of us smoke. We came with the idea that we would go on a weekend long road trip, but my dad reminded me that wouldn’t work incase they called me for transplant, then I could be far away. So here I was planning for a CF patient birthday, and they call and say I have lungs. Not only did I just have my life change in an extreme way because of the fact that I am now an adult, but my life also just completely changed all at once because I just had a double lung transplant! So I spent my birthday in the hospital on as least many pain meds as I could that day, because I wanted to remember it, but I didn’t want to hurt.

I had my family come up on my birthday, and my mom got this really cute idea to get a big white paper, hang it on the door and use it as a giant card that everyone can sign. I have doctors, nurses, family, RTs, sitters and social worker’s names up there. She also hung a little happy birthday banner and got me some awesome balloons. She got me a little piggy stuffed animal, and some chocolate shaped like pigs. You can tell I love pigs, right? I got lots of awesome stuff, like a couple cute sweat outfits from PINK and a computer case and some gift cards. I also got lot’s of awesome gifts from you guys, and am in the midst of writing a lot of thank you cards.

Now all of the things I was planning to do as an adult, that’s normal, I can do, but I have to wait 3 months to be able to really do anything. I can’t drive, I must be in the back middle seat, and I can’t lift stuff, I can’t be alone because I could fall over or something stupid. I have to live at least one of my parents 24/7 for the three months I am here, which is stressful enough now and in the past, but now that I want to be out there doing all of these 18 year old things. It’s like the transplant came at the perfect time, and at the wrong time all at once.


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