RMH (Ronald McDonald House)

Posted on April 26, 2014

So as most of you know I have been staying at the Stanford/Lucille Packard Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. It’s a community living setting, and things are very different. In the beginning I wasn’t too sure about it, and I was very busy with meds/appointments and watching TV. Haha, and a bit of homework.

We had a lot of drama here… It’s like high school, but it’s fun. Some of the moms here are really fun to hang out with, they are all pretty young. We play cribbage and hang out. At one point, there was a family here that was very strange. They had a son who would get into everyone’s food and then when he got confronted about it he basically gave an F you. He also talks about things that are very inappropriate. This is not the place you go to hook up with someone, especially when they are married or 13 years old. Eventually they were given one last chance and blew it immediately which resulted in them being kicked out. I remember hearing someone talk about how he was talking about this girl with “red hair, sunglasses and a mask.”… That’s me! (One of my meds makes my eyes very sensitive so I have to wear my sunglasses).

On wednesdays they have a photographer come and take pictures of everyone who wants it. You can look at her website at www.thefamilyalbumproject.com I took some alone, and some with other people. She had heard about my website and told me to get my computer and take pictures with it. Everyone was like “that is SO her!” They had a lot of ideas for me. 🙂

rmh april 24, 2014-183

rmh april 24, 2014-188
rmh april 24, 2014-386

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