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Hospital Chronicles: 3

Oh what an interesting  couple of days. What a mess. Where to start? How about I where I left off. About two days ago I was woken up by my RT to do my treatment. He had a person following him around that day as a shadow person, kind of like in training. There are certain settings to the way treatments are done, and one of them is that it pauses every five ...

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People keep saying "oh you're so optimistic" or "you're amazing" and things along that line…"Inspiring" I don't know, I guess I have never seen myself that way. I realize now that yes, I do have a really good attitude about everything. It flatters me, but sometimes I feel like because that's how they see me, that I have to always be that way. Of course I have ...

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Everyone with CF has a different experience. It is a very individualized and isolated disease. Most people are diagnosed at birth or in their first year of life. When I was born it wasn’t always something they checked for, so I was diagnosed at four years old. CF is very individualized. An example of that is someone with CF who is twenty years old and still is ...

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Dedication: John Teufel

CF patients aren’t really supposed to be around each other because we can give each other bugs that cause infections, so I haven’t really been allowed to meet many other CF patients. In my hospital all of the CF patients stay in the same section of the hospital. Advances in social media make it pretty easy to become friends with other patients when they are ...

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Hello World

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic lung disease that causes the mucus that lines the lungs to become very thick and sticky so it traps in bacteria that cause infections, and basically drowns you very slowly. If you’re reading this you have obviously stumbled upon my website. The reason I have this website is so I can share ...

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