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Hospital Chronicles: 5

Nothing really has changed since my last HC. I have had a couple of new visitors and met some new people. I also got my first bits of mail! My main doctor had finally come to talk to us and give us her thoughts on our plan of action. For now we are slowly backing off of treatment and monitoring me, to see if I can go home. We will reevaluate in a week after we have ...

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Spending my Birthday in the Hospital?

A very important birthday of mine is coming up, and I will most likely have to spend it in the hospital. The only other time I have been in the hospital on my birthdays was  my 7th birthday. I also got discharged that day, so it wasn't too bad, but if I spend this one in my birthday I will be here all day and all night. The other difference is the birthday when I ...

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Hospital Chronicles: 4

Boy have I been busy! What with all the meetings with reporters and newscasters, my life is shifting into fast drive. I knew, or at least I had hoped, that one day maybe this whole blog thing would take off and make an impact, but this is happening a lot faster than anticipated. Not saying that's a bad thing; it's a good thing actually. All of my doctors and all of ...

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