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Hospital Chronicles: 2

I'm still in the hospital.. ugh :(. I have been her for two weeks and two days, and I will be here for another week, for sure, and maybe a noter week or two after that. It wouldn't be so bad if I was allowed to leave my room. I am trapped in this 12 by 12 room all day, everyday. Even prisoners in maximum security get an hour a day outside. What's happened since my ...

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Hospital Chronicles: 1

So it's been an up and down hospital stay, just as they all are. I was airlifted here in the helicopter and put into the ICU. The only other time I had been in the ICU was for one night because they were initiating my bi-pap, which hospital policy states it needs to be done in the ICU, not because I was so sick that I needed to be there. Since this was the first time ...

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