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Hospital Chronicles: 2

I'm still in the hospital.. ugh :(. I have been her for two weeks and two days, and I will be here for another week, for sure, and maybe a noter week or two after that. It wouldn't be so bad if I was allowed to leave my room. I am trapped in this 12 by 12 room all day, everyday. Even prisoners in maximum security get an hour a day outside. What's happened since my ...

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Hospital Chronicles: 1

So it's been an up and down hospital stay, just as they all are. I was airlifted here in the helicopter and put into the ICU. The only other time I had been in the ICU was for one night because they were initiating my bi-pap, which hospital policy states it needs to be done in the ICU, not because I was so sick that I needed to be there. Since this was the first time ...

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My Parents & Guilt

Sometimes I get this thought that I can't shake. I feel like the people who actually have CF have it easy. Yeah, CF sucks but I mean, I was born with it. I have had it my whole life, and it's not something I've had to get used to. It's just what I have known forever. What I am saying is, my parents lived their whole lives as normal people. They got up, got dressed, ...

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Transplant is a touchy subject for everyone involved. Families may not want bits and pieces of their loved one shipped off to who knows where. A dying person in need of an organ may not want to take one, even though most likely their entire family is wishing that they choose to live. The thing is, though, it's not choosing to live or die, it's choosing how you live ...

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Everyone with CF has a different experience. It is a very individualized and isolated disease. Most people are diagnosed at birth or in their first year of life. When I was born it wasn’t always something they checked for, so I was diagnosed at four years old. CF is very individualized. An example of that is someone with CF who is twenty years old and still is ...

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