Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month: Macaela

Posted on May 11, 2014

Well hello everyone! May is an especially special month for me a some of my friends because it is CF Awareness Month! In honor of  CF patients around the world, I had some CF patients I know write their story for me. This  specific post will be about my friend Macaela. She is from California and lives in North Carolina. I wish her luck in everything she does, and wish that all of you can share her story with the people you care about.

My name is Macaela Adams and this is my story.
I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 9 months old. Ever since that day life has been one big roller coaster. I was underweight, couldn’t digest any of my food, hardly able to breathe and not a happy baby either. Once I got on the right antibiotics and enzymes to keep my weight up I was perfectly fine for 8 years. Maybe one hospital visit a year. Life was good. Once I started to hit puberty, things took a turn for the worst. My weight went down and my pulmonary lung function went down to 20%. My hospital visits went up to three to four times a year. School was a struggle, keeping up with academics and even friends. I would miss up top almost 100 days a year of school due to my health. My junior year of high school I made the decision to be homeschooled because at that time the hospital stays we’re back to back. Charter school seemed to be a great choice for me at that time. I am a very hard worker and I always have goals. I graduated high school a year early! I was very thrilled and all the years of feeling stupid because I missed to much school went away that day. One year later I got married to the most amazing man of my dreams who happens to be in the military. The year after that we moved to North Carolina and that’s where we currently are today. My health is still a big struggle. Home ivs and meds all day long makes it hard to commit to another school or job. I’m hoping to get better and get a set schedule so I can better my education. Overall I have a blessed life but CF has taught me that whatever is good in life you have to work for. Cf just makes you work a lot harder but I am thankful for that because I appreciate it so much more. I love my husband, my life and I am so happy to be on this earth and have dreams of my own. Please, become a donor and help thousands of people just like me make cf stand for cure found.

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  • Luis Felipe
    May 14, 2014 (11:22 am)

    Hi Liz. That was an inspiring story, and thank you for sharing.

    How is everyrthing going on in your life? Are you back home? Haven t hear from you for almost a month and a half. I hope that everything is fine. Send you a big kiss from Panama, Phil.